• When people find that they are suffering from depression or anxiety, they are scare, and don’t know how to do. 
  • Due to the social distancing preventive measures against the COVID-19 outbreak and severe social stigma and discrimination against mental illness, many people with emotional illness are not willing to disclosure their depression and anxiety to others, and reluctant to seek help from traditional counseling centers. So, many people with emotional illness are worried and hesitant, and wonder where they can seek help.
  • Here, I recommend this Online Counselor service to you. With online counselor services, you can receive counselling services at home through your mobile phone or computer while ensuring your privacy.
  • The Online Counselor service provided through this platform can help you relieve your stress and symptoms of depression and anxiety.

1.Providing face-to-face counselling sessions via zoom meeting in a flexible schedule

according to your needs

2. Receiving counselling services at home

comfortably and conveniently

3. Saving transportation time

and waiting time

Senior Counselors / Therapists (holding Master Degree of Counseling and Approved Counselors from HKPCA, and/or Certificated Therapists )

Counselors (holding Master Degree of Counseling or equivalent)

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