Marsena Cheung 


      Graduating from Master of Social Sciences in Counselling and Master of Social Sciences in Psychology, my counselling and psychology educational background enables me to work swiftly with people with various stories. The integration between my understanding of human’s mind and behavior and my counselling knowledge helps me develop strategies that help individuals devise individualized plans that suit their various needs. Currently a member of the Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association (Membership No.: M1931) and a registered trainee of the Play Therapy International. 

      My core focus is to provide emotional and social support for individuals with Special Educational Needs and their families. On top of the use of verbal means to help clients walk through their path of self-discovery, I also use creative media such as music and play to aid their journey.

    In counselling settings, I am familiar with cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness techniques as verbal means of interventions, and the use of creative media such as music and play when one finds difficult to use verbal language to express themselves. I can speak fluent Cantonese and English, and good Putonghua. I convenient time for counselling is mostly on weekdays evening and weekends whole day.