Daphne Sin


      Nice to meet you! I am a graduate of Master of Social Sciences in Counseling from Hong Kong Baptist University in 2020. Currently, I am a year one student of Master of Social Work at the University of Hong Kong. Before postgraduate study, I have worked as an activity assistant in a long stay care home. I was responsible for organizing activities for ex-mentally ill residents and following their individual rehabilitation progress with social workers. Also, I have worked as a teaching assistant and programme assistant in a secondary school and pre-school rehabilitation centre respectively, in order to support the student counseling and assist in activities organized by social workers.

      Besides, I have been a youth mentor at church. Apart from walking with the youths, I have also visited different service units such as correctional homes, nursing homes and rehabilitation centres, by coordinating and designing the corresponding services to match their needs. Therefore, I have lots of opportunities to get along with different groups of people.

      All these working and experiences have enriched my understanding of the needs of people, as well as inspiring my reflections towards the meanings of life. Through counseling, I hope I can walk with different people to face their hardships and challenges in different stages.

    During counseling, I mostly adopted the Solution-focused approach and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. In addition, I am a fluent speaker of Cantonese and a good speaker of English. My available time for counselling would be Mon to Thu night; Sat & Sun: morning and afternoon.