✓ iMBI offers you:

  • 16 online modules, that you can learn at any time anywhere;
  • Counselors provide flexible counseling service like phone or online counseling if needed

       ✓ Research evidences show that the treatment effects of the online mindfulness-based intervention on depression and anxiety are effective.

       ✓ Those with mild to moderate anxiety and or depression benefit most from it, and their anxiety and depression can be reduced significantly.

Self-help iMBI

(Self-learning online course)

《Featured product》

Learning mindfulness skills by yourself at any time anywhere to relieve emotional distress.

Guided iMBI

(Online course + weekly phone counseling)

《Featured product》

Offers you:

  • online course (8 lessons)
  • weekly phone counseling

Blended iMBI

(Online course + online counseling)

Offers you:

  • online course (8 lessons)
  • online counseling (4 sessions)