Nancy Ng


        Name: Nancy Ng

        Master of Social Sciences in Counselling – Hong Kong Baptist University

        80 hours of practicum 
5 hours of counselling session in Secret Garden 

        The Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association – Member (Membership No.: M1673)


        Fluent in Cantonese, English (both spoken and written)


        Counselling is a process where a counselor can utilize his or her skills, knowledge and experience to build a collaborative relationship with client and work together to facilitate self-understanding, emotional acceptance, growth and the optimal development of personal resources. The overall aim is to provide an opportunity to work towards living more satisfactorily and resourcefully. Helping others has always been my passion. Many people have emotional and mental problems and some of them are serious such as depression and anxiety in Hong Kong society nowadays. These people need professional counselling service to help them. Mental wellbeing is very important at all ages and it definitely affects health and quality of life. I strongly believe that counselling can play a key role in the treatment of mental illness. I found that I possess some of the qualities to be a good counselor such as empathy and good listening skills. I found counselling to be a meaningful and rewarding profession as it enables people to develop self-understanding and to make changes in their lives. Being a counselor gives me satisfaction as I can help clients face and overcome their problems as well as to facilitate their growth and change. During my practicum, I mainly used Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for my cases. My cases handled during my practicum included a middle aged woman who had mild depression including negative thoughts, poor sleep and low self-esteem , a mother who had sad emotions and problem in relationship with her daughter who was a hidden youth with mild schizophrenia and a young girl who had depressed emotions, low self-esteem and relationship problem with family members.

        I am happy to help those clients who are female that are aged 16 or above.