Yan Lok

Yan Lok Lee 


      In 2020, I graduated with a Master of Social Sciences in Counseling awarded by Hong Kong Baptist University. Now, I am a member of Hong Kong Professional Counseling Association (Membership No.:M1935), and I have been employed as a Student Guidance Personnel in a primary school for almost one year. It mainly includes providing emotional relief for students in need, organizing group activities, and assisting home visits and parent workshops or other activities with the social worker.

      Before graduation, I spent two and a half years engaged in counseling-related work in a primary school. The main duty consists of providing individual counseling and group training for students with special educational needs. 

      Additionally, I am a youth leader in my church and have been with college students and working youth for many years. Owing to serving in the church and the work experience mentioned, I gain more opportunities to listen and participate in various life stories. When giving feedback to each other, I also have different reflections and grow from them, so I like the interaction and sharing among people.

      In counseling, I am familiar with narrative therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy. I can speak fluent Cantonese, good Mandarin, and English. I can provide counseling time: the evening of Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, and Sunday afternoon.