Elsa He 


        Master of Social Sciences in Counselling, Hong Kong Baptist University 
        Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association- Membership
3 years’ working experience as a teacher;
Student counselor in Hong Kong local secondary school;
Familiar with psychological development of the youth.

        Cases good at:
        Emotions Management; Depression; Anxiety; Parent-child relationship; Self-esteem  

        Therapies usually used:
        Cognitive behavior Therapy; Narrative Therapy; Solution-focused Therapy

        Understandings of Counselling:
        Counselling is a process with safe and relaxing relationship, in which counselor and clients work together to explore and make progress. Counseling looks like a journey exploring one’s life stories, sometimes fast, sometimes slow, sometimes with twists and turns, and sometimes flat and smooth.

        In this process, the counselor always accompanies the clients without judgments, providing them an unconditional room with acceptance, empathy and supports. Clients will gradually recognize their cognitive and behavioral mode, the deeply hidden emotions, feelings and needs, will be aware of the unaware parts, and will find out and believe in their strengths and potentials, to reestablish the courage to face the new lives.    

        Language available:
Mandarin(native-speaker), Cantonese, English 

        Times available:
        Weekdays :8:30pm-10:00pm,
Weekends: 2:00pm-5:00pm, 8:30pm-10:00pm