Service Characteristics

1. Innovative and flexible

online counseling service
  • This counseling center provides innovative and flexible online counseling services to meet the different needs of different users.

2. Effective

online modules
  • Research evidences show that online counseling services, such as online cognitive behavioral therapy and online mindfulness-based interventions, can effectively help people to relieve their emotional distress.

3. Qualified

  • Qualified counselors are recruited and trained to provide counseling service for our users. All counselors possess a Master degree in Counseling or equivalent.

4. Quality Assurance

  • Various quality assurance mechanisms and measures are adopted to ensure the service quality of the online counseling service is in compliance with the existing guidelines and requirements of Hong Kong Professional Counseling Association.

5. ensuring privacy

  • The self-help and guided mode allow users to use the service anonymously, without joining in any face-to-face counseling session with the counselor, ensuring privacy.