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  • Research evidences show that Online Mindfulness-based Intervention is effective on relieving depression and anxiety.
  • Briefly, Mindfulness-based Intervention helps people with depression and anxiety to practice various mindfulness exercises so as to enhance self-awareness at present moment, and improve their attitudes and skills in managing depression and anxiety.
  • iMBI provides Mindfulness-based Intervention through the Internet, and allows people with depression and anxiety to learn via mobile phone and computer at home the concepts and skills of mindfulness to manage their depression and anxiety.
  • Those with mild to moderate anxiety and or depression benefit most from it, and their anxiety and depression can be reduced significantly.
  • However, those with severe depression, severe anxiety, and/or suicide risk are not suitable for the iMBI.

1.Learning online counseling modules

at any time anywhere from Monday to Sunday

2. Promoting

self-learning and self-help

3. Allowing you to complete the online modules

at home comfortably and conveniently

4. Protecting privacy as users can use the service anonymously

without joining any face-to-face counseling session

5. Comparing with the traditional counseling center,

it saves the number of counseling session and saves related service fee

Introducing mindfulness

Video files demonstrating mindfulness exercises

Audio navigation on mindfulness exercices 

  • Online Mindfulness-based Intervention provides you with 16 online modules for you to learn at anytime anywhere;
  • Notes of the online modules are available for you to download;
  • Assessment of anxiety and depression (multiple times) to explore the treatment effect on reducing anxiety and depression

3minutes Breathing

Body scan

Service user agrees not to use and copy this Company’s online modules outside the Company without the Company’s permission / authorization. All rights reserve.

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Fee for 16 online modules:HK$320 (original fee $650)

On average each online module only costs:HK$20

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