Wency Wong 


      Graduated from Master of Social Sciences in Counselling at Hong Kong Baptist University in 2019. Being worked as a supporting teacher at a Hong Kong local primary school after graduation. The main duty was to apply the counselling skill to support the students with special educational needs. Currently studying an educational programme at the Education University of Hong Kong. In last year, I received a certificate by completing a professional training course on handling Youth Addictive Gambling which organized by Hong Kong Lutheran Social Service, LC-HKS.

      Experienced in practicing behavioral therapy, CBT and solution-focused therapy to help the students with ASD, ADHD, SpLD, and their parents to solve the problem they met in school, or at home. Including but not limited to learning problem, parental problem, and family relationship.

      Within counselling session, client will face the problem together with the counsellor. I, as a counsellor, will be patient and listen to clients’ problems and help them to find their unique solutions by building up a better understanding of their self. So that, they can be easier to explore their own resources for solving problems

      Language: Cantonese