Guided iRelaxation

  • Due to stress, many people suffer from emotional distresses. These emotional distresses lead to physical discomforts, including: neck pain, muscle tension, stomach pain, headache, poor sleep, etc. 
  • This guided online relaxation course provides you with:
    • eight online relaxation modules
    • telephone counseling  with flexible schedule
      listen patiently to you, and help you relieve your distresses and unresolved problems

  • The online relaxation modules let you enjoy and learn different relaxation skills to relieve stress and emotional distress.
  • I encourage you to spend ten minutes a day practicing relaxation exercises. Practicing relaxation exercises persistently and daily helps you relieve your stress and emotional distresses.



2. 促進


3. 讓你以匿名身份使用網上課程,無需與輔導員進行任何面對面的交流,


4. 按你的需要,彈性地提供輔導員電話輔導,讓你安坐家中,進行輔導,


5. 比傳統輔導節省面談輔導次數,


1. Learning online counseling modules

at any time anywhere from Monday to Sunday

2. Promoting

self-learning and self-help

3. Protecting privacy as users can use the service anonymously,

without joining any face-to-face counseling session

4. Providing telephone counseling (eight times in total),

allowing you to receive counseling at home

5. Comparing with the traditional counseling center,

it saves the number of counseling session and saves related service fee

Introducing stress and relaxation

Audio navigation on relaxation exercises 

Relaxing music

  • Online Relaxation Exercises provides you with 8 online modules on relaxation exercises for you to learn at anytime anywhere
  • Assessment of anxiety and depression (multiple times) to explore the treatment effect on stress reduction

Abdominal breathing

Relaxing music

Service user agrees not to use and copy this Company’s online modules outside the Company without the Company’s permission / authorization. All rights reserve.

Special offer in fighting against COVID-19!

Fee for a telephone counseling session (at designated time) :
@HK$ 100 (original fee: HK$200)

Fee for a telephone counseling session (at undesignated time) :
@HK$ 200 (original fee: HK$300)

*Each telephone counseling session lasts for 30 minutes

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