Annie Tso 


      My name is Annie Tso. I graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University with my master’s degree of Social Sciences in Counselling in 2019. I am a member of Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association. A certificate in Play Therapist for Children was obtained in 2018.

      During my practicum in a primary school, as a student counsellor, I needed to provide counselling services to the special education needs (SEN) students. This specialty enabled me to contact many people from different areas including students, parents, teachers, educational psychologist and other professionals. 

      I established a relationship of trust and served the best interests with those I work.  This specialty equipped me with keen observation, patient, active listening, empathy, acceptance and respect with people through getting along with them and communication.

      The cases that I worked with involved difficulty in learning and behavioral issues such as ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), Autism, Dyslexia, and unbalanced diets among children.

      To contact with parents, I need to establish a relationship of trust and then get co-operation with them. I can understand more detailed information about the cases including their ways of life and habits, their relationship with family members.

      To communicate with teachers, I can get more understanding about their behaviors and learning attitudes in the classroom. 

      To contact with student through direct contact individually or playing games with peers in a group, I can observe his/her behaviors, inter-relationship with peers and emotion. 

      Being a counsellor, I would assist the cases to improve their behavior and emotions by behavior therapy especially in learning social skills and interpersonal skills. Also, I would provide suggestion(s) for parents how to help their children at home.



      Behavioral modification, Cognitive behavioral therapy and relaxation skills are mostly used. Sometimes playing games activity will be applied for observation. Exploring the strengths of cases facilitate their motivation for change. Encouragement and appreciation must be given upon their achievement.  

      In 2014, my job involved with administrative and human resources areas. I needed to provide services to working youth to cope with working environment of the existing jobs they were working and interpersonal relationship skills with colleagues in a company.  I became interested in counselling.


      Language: English, Cantonese and Putonghua are fluent.  Cantonese and Putonghua are preferrable.

      Religion: Catholic