1. How does online counseling be conducted?

A counseling session of our Online Counselor is conducted via computer or smart phone by using zoom meeting. The service user needs to turn on the video and audio during the online counseling process to ensure mutual communication and participation.

2. How long does each online counseling session last for?

In general, a typical online counseling session usually lasts for 50-60 minutes. The first meeting is usually longer. The individual case is unique which may affect length of the interview time. Anyway, you have the right to inquire about the length of counselling time and related fees at the appointment.

3 .Will the content of the counseling session be kept confidential?

In general, the counselor will not disclose your information and the content of the conversation to a third party. However, if the counselor believes that there is a chance for you to harm yourself or others, or under those situations required by the law to disclose (such as suicide, domestic violence, abuse, etc.), the counselor may need to disclose the relevant information.

4.How do I know which counselor suits me?

In general, we all believe that senior counselors have more experience. Nevertheless, it does not mean that new counselors must be worse. Different counselors differ not only in experiences, gender, and age, but also in their own style, expertise, and counseling approaches.